Thursday, July 24, 2014

Maca Protein Nice Cream + The Death of My Nutribullet

As I write this, I wallow in mourning. While making this nice cream, my faithful little Nutribullet suddenly became ominously silent. When I heard the sudden and unexpected silence, I slowly lifted the cup out of the machine, and a wisp of smoke curled out. It didn't look good. I tried turning my Nutribullet on again, but the motor refused to begin. My stomach turned cold, and I slowly pulled the grey plug from the socket. I could not leave my nice cream half blended, so I used my food processor instead. It just didn't seem right, and I could find no joy in the loud whirling. I shall miss the glee found in hearing the blades catch just right, and the happy little whirlpool that is created when the nice cream has become smooth. You will never be forgotten o' Nutirbullet. I will always have you in my heart.


Well in a slightly more cheerful tone, this nice cream turned out great. As in my other protein powder-less nice cream, I used tofu to add protein. The result was super creamy and thick, with a hint of maca in every spoonful. This is definitely going to become one of my go-to recipes for when I'm in the nice cream mood. :0)

Maca Protein Nice Cream with cacao nibs, chia seeds, and sliced almonds.

Maca Protein Nice Cream
-3 frozen bananas
-1 tsp maca powder
-1/4 c soft tofu (firm works too)
-milk of choice

The day before, chop and freeze your bananas. When you are ready to make your nice cream, take the bananas, break the chunks up, and put them along with the maca and tofu into a high power blender or food processor. Starting with about 3 tablespoons, add your milk to the blender/food processor and blend until everything is completely combined and smooth. If necessary, add more milk 1 table spoon at a time. Once the nice cream is finished, transfer it to a bowl and enjoy with your favorite toppings. 

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