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Hello fellow oatmealers, chocolate lovers, and banana fanatics, and welcome to the blog!

My name is Taylor (Taller to some, George to others.) and I am a high school oatmeal addict and health nut. I live on the planet Earth, and am a strong believer in aliens (or some other type life form out there), unicorns, and Hogwarts.

Besides having a "slight" obsession with breakfast (and food in general  suppose), I also love Adventure Time, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sock monkeys, nut butters of every kind, chocolate, and baking healthy versions of things in the kitchen. I also seem to have an large infatuation with all things cute and manga/anime-ish (Miyazaki!!!). Outside of the house, I am a runner and that is literally the only sport  do . . .

I do not follow any particular diet, besides a healthy one. But what exactly do I consider "healthy" you might ask. Well, for one thing, I avoid eating refined and processed sugars, flours, chemicals, additives, and oils. I do however, eat lots of healthy fats, such as those found in coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocado. Fresh fruits and veggies also play a very large part in my diet. Bananas especially never last long! This part was really cheesy. Sorry 'bout that.

I became interested in healthy baking and experimenting in the kitchen ever since I started stumbling across health food blogs randomly. The many "healthy" versions of foods and desserts that I used to love to eat, and some new creations that I had never heard of, intrigued me, and soon the pantry became stocked with things like almond flour, nuts, coconut oil, different types of nut butters, extracts, spices, super foods, and numerous other items, all for the sake of discovering a whole different genre of food. Now, I can barely believe that I thought that things like cookies, cake, and ice cream were lost to me forever when I started on my healthy path, and that I lived for so long without them before discovering how easily and deliciously they could be replicated. Most of the time, I find the healthy version even better tasting than the originals (especially in the case of nice cream!).

Well, here concludes this short, erm . . . let's call it an . . . . EPIC TALE OF ADVENTURE AND HEART BREAK (which is not over dramatic in the least).  Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope you enjoy my recipes.
Taylor  ^-^

P.S. May the oatmeal be ever in your favor . . . 
P.S.S. This was super cheesy and stuff I know, I'm sorry. Who even says "healthy path"!? Jeez.  :0P

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