Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mocha Chip Pancakes + Peanut Butter Chocolate Sauce

As I write this I be eating some fried (brown) rice (cooked in the oil of squished (pressed whatever) olives of course). Num num. I wish I could bring this stuff to school with me . .  . but if I ate this while in a populated area I'd probably kill everyone with my kimchi breath. If you don't know what kimchi is, click the clicky link. Cllliiiccck it. Then you'll know and we can all be happy.

Mocha Chip Pancakes topped with Peanut Butter Chocolate Souwce (sauce), sliced almonds, chocolate chips, and granola.

Or maybe it will make you wary every time you come near me (mentally that is. Unless you happen to actually know me of course). Don't worry, you're safe. I don't eat kimchi before going out to "socialize" (meaning talk with a close group of friends and shying away from everyone else. Yeah, I'm a pro.). Afterwards however, I ain't makin' no promises.

Ooh . . . I just got a piece of celery.

The top of my pancakes, because the top is just as important as the sides.

As I sit here eatin' my fried rice, I'm realizing that it's kind of weird to be telling people about my food.

But then I had another realization.

I'm writing on a blog. About food. So it's actually not weird at all. Or is it?

Mocha Chip Pancakes topped with Peanut Butter Chocolate Sauce, sliced almonds, chocolate chips, and some homemade granola (because pancakes+granola=awesomness).

Is it acceptable to talk about the food that you are currently eating and have no intention of sharing, or is it only okay to talk about the food in recipes? What crosses the too-much-information line?

Does dee-licious food even have a too-much-information line?

My brain's hurting from all this deep-food-thinking. I think I'm just going to go back to my lunch now.

Oh yeah. There's a recipe too. Not fried rice (unfortunately), but pancakes. Some of the most amazeballs pancakes I've ever eaten in fact. Plus they come with sauce. Which always makes everything fancier.( Did the fried-rice-talk and the pancake pictures confuse you? Sorry 'bout that. I'll make it up to you with these pancakes.) Bon appetit!

 Mocha Chip Pancakes topped with Peanut Butter Chocolate Sauce, chocolate chips, sliced almonds, and some homemade granola.

 Dang . . . Check out them chips!

Mocha Chip Pancakes
-1/3 c old fashioned oats
-2 tbsp coconut flour
-1-2 tbsp coconut sugar (1 leaves pancakes very lightly sweetened, so use 2 if you want them sweeter)
-1 heaping tsp instant coffee
-1 heaping tsp cacao/cocoa powder
-1/2 tsp baking powder
-pinch baking soda
-pinch ground cinnamon
-1-2 tbsp chocolate chips
-1/2 c milk of choice
-1 egg
-1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar
-1/2 tsp vanilla extract
-oil of choice for cooking (I used coconut oil)

In a small blender/food processor, grind your oats into a flour. Transfer the oat flour to a bowl, and add the coconut flour, coconut sugar, instant coffee, cacao powder, baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon. In a separate bowl, combine the milk and the apple cider vinegar, and let them sit together for a couple of minutes. Then whisk in the egg and vanilla.

Now would be a good time to start heating up your pan. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients, then slowly pour the wet mixture into the well while mixing with your other hand. Stir only until everything is combined, and make sure not to over mix. Fold in your chocolate chips.

Test to see if your pan is ready by dripping a drop of water onto the surface. If it sizzles/jumps it is ready, if not it still needs to heat up more. Once the pan has been heated up, drop a small amount of oil onto it and spread around with a napkin. You may need more oil depending on your pan. I have a non-stick pan so I need very little. Using about 2 tablespoons at a time, drop the batter onto your pan then wait for bubbles to appear at the top before flipping. The pancakes should flip easily, so that is when you know they're ready. If you do not see bubbles after a couple of minutes, check the bottom of the pancake. If it is browned and lifts fairly easily, you may have just missed the bubbles, so you can go ahead and flip. Cook for a couple more minutes on this side, then press on the top and sides with a finger. They should be firm. Set aside the pancake and spread some more oil. Repeat until all the batter has been used up.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Sauce
-1 tsp coconut oil
-1 heaping tsp peanut butter
-1 heaping tsp cacao/cocoa powder
-1 tsp maple syrup (or to taste)

In a small bowl combine all the ingredients and the microwave for 15-20 seconds. Briskly stir everything together with a fork, then drizzle over pancakes, nice cream or whatever you wish. The sauce firms up a bit once it cools, so if you let it sit for a while before using it just microwave it again for about 5 seconds to regain the drizzly- ness.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies

Did anyone else use to love the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies? I know I did. Give me a choice between regular old chocolate chip and white chocolate macadamia and I'd choose the macadamia version any day. We used to buy those big triple flavor cookie packs from Costco, and guess what flavor I ate? White Chocolate Macadamia Nut! Those poor old Oatmeal Raisin Cookies . . . no one ever really ate them, and they were always the last ones in the box. I have come to appreciate them a lot more now, and am planning on making a healthy version soon (*gasp* a sneak peak into the future?!).

Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mint Chocolate Chip Bliss Balls

Hello peoples! So sorry for the absence, I hope y'all weren't too horribly sad and lonely without my wonderful self around. I didn't have a choice, my family was going on vacation, and apparently it wasn't optional. *shrugs* But I'm here now, your knight in shining armor, your in-the-kick-of-time savior, your special nerd with a huge ego when writing blog posts . . . so all shall be well.

Mint Chocolate Chip Bliss Balls

Friday, August 22, 2014

Basic Overnight Oats & A Chocolate Variation

I joined cross country! This was my first time ever doing a school sport, so I was pretty nervous. After I had signed up, I looked back at my school webpage and noticed that the cross country had only Varsity under it, which I took to mean that I had just accidentally joined the Varsity team. My mouth hung open, my fingers froze on the keyboard and my thoughts raced. WHAT!? I CAN'T JOIN VARSITY! THAT'S FOR THE SUPER SPEEDY, ELITE, CRAZY GOOD PEOPLE!!!! WAAHHHH! I'M GOING TO BE KICKED OFF THE TEAM BECAUSE I FAILED SO BAD AND IT'S GOING TO BE SO EMBARRASSING AND IF FOR SOME REASON THEY ARE SO SORRY FOR ME THAT THEY DON'T KICK ME OFF THE TEAM I'LL BE THE WORST AND WILL MOST LIKELY LITERALLY EAT THEIR DUST!!! I looked everywhere for the cancel button, but there was none, and try-outs were tomorrow too! Eventually I contacted a friend, miserably explaining everything, but she wrote back and said that it only said Varsity because it wasn't split into 3 teams! I was incredibly relieved, but I couldn't help myself from contacting the coach anyways. The coach's reply really cinched it for me, he explained everything, plus there were no cuts! I was like "I shall do it! I shall join-eth cross country, I shall rrrrrrun!". Or something like that . . .

Basic Overnight Oats and Chocolate Overnight Oats, with a blackberry banana layer in the middle, and cacao nibs on top.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pancakes With Gooey "Fried" Banana

No, the bananas aren't actually fried. Well, not in the deep fried horrible for you sense. They're just cooked in a little bit of coconut oil, until they reach browned, gooey perfection. Yum. And the pancakes? A hint of peanut butter with melting chocolate chips in every bite. Who wouldn't want to shove their face into a stack of 'em? I mean, when you were little, didn't you eyeball the chocolate chip pancakes whenever you went out for breakfast? Or was that just me . . . But these are not restaurant chocolate chip pancakes, because these have peanut butter, which make them about 235708935035082 times better. Not to forget the banana slices  layered throughout. Poor old blueberry pancakes . . . I was never really interested in them as a kid. I have come to appreciate the blueberry side of things much more, and they will make it into equally delicious pancakes, but this post is not about blueberries. It's about peanut butter. And chocolate chips. And melt-in-your-mouth slices of banana. And the fact that homemade pancakes can be decadent and perfectly healthy at exactly the same time. No joke.

On the topic of pancakes, I was very happy with my flipping skillz. I shoved my spatula under the pancake with a swish *thrusts arm out in spearing motion*, then I easily flipped it over onto it's other side, no silly flopping around and broken pancake dreams. I did a dance too. And it comes with a song. Which goes something like this:
*miraculously flips pancake.* I FLIPPED A PAAANNNCAKE, A PERFECT PAAAANCAKE. *waves spatula around crazily* A PANCAKE PAAANNNCAAAKE A PERRRRFECT PAAAANCAKE! *does the moon walk to the best of abilities* *fails, but does it again anyways* I FLIPPED MY FIRST PAAANCAKE, MY FIRST PERFECT PAAANCAKE. AND IT'S RROOUUUNND. IT'S ALMOST PER-FECT-LY ROOUUNNNDD. *throws hands in the air* *does a small jig* *realizes that pancakes will start to burn if I sing anymore so I get down to business*

And that was that. You may be wondering why I was so pleased about being able to FINALLY FLIP A PANCAKE WITHOUT SUFFERING FROM MINOR HEART ATTACKS WHEN IT DOESN'T GO ONTO THE SPATULA PROPERLY AND STARTS TO BEND. Yes, well, all my life, or at least my pancake life, my pancake flipping abilities = nonexistent. Even as recently as the last time I made pancakes (which was about a week ago), I had trouble getting the spatula fully under it. But now I have mastered the skill, so I SHALL BECOME THE GREATEST PANCAKE FLIPPER IN THE WORLD!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA-*sputters* Okay then. Onto the recipe!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pancakes layered with gooey "fried" bananas slices and regular banana slices, and topped with walnuts, blueberries, more peanut butter, more "fried" banana and cacao nibs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Citrus Fig Bliss Balls

I got some bliss balls, balls, balls fooooor yoouuuuuu! Yeah! *cymbals crash* Now that's my kind of song!!! I was listening to the radio the other day, and a commercial (urgh) came on. It was about breakfast being important! I immediately tuned in, with me being ever so slightly obsessed with breakfast, I couldn't resist. My unsuspecting mind was expecting some type of notice about however many Americans that don't eat breakfast, and how it's the most important meal of the day, probably some sort of government funded ad. But no. It was nothing like that. I still have nightmares about it to this day . . . (not really but it was horrid)
It went like this:
Radio: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many people struggle to find time to fit a healthy and delicious meal into their busy mornings . . . (or something like that)
Me: Yes! *pumps fist in the air* You tell them radio guy! This is what I'm talking about! Gooooo breakfast! *gets cheerleader pom-poms out and does a front flip while simultaneously sitting in the front seat*
Radio: Stop by Burger King today and get our breakfast sandwich to help fuel your morning!
Me: *jaw drops* *purses lips* *silently changes the station*

Yeah, it was definitely not my idea of a breakfast commercial that promotes healthy food, but to each his own I guess. Now, off the topic of sneaky Burger King advertisements, and on to bliss balls! These are definitely a new direction for me, I usually lean towards the chocolate, peanut buttery and decadent, but these citrus fig bliss balls a cheerful, every so slightly tangy, and a refreshing change from my usual route. I'll definitely be experimenting with more fruity flavors, so keep an eyeball peeled if you enjoy these type of things!

 Citrus Fig Bliss Balls. Half are coated in coconut and half in a peanut butter chocolate ganache type thing. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Coco-Maca Raisin Muffins

I had a hard time deciding what to name there. Maca-Nut Raisin Muffins? Coco-Raisin Maca Muffins? Muffin shaped coconut raisin maca deliciousness? Eventually I settled for Coco-Maca Raisin Muffins. Still a bit long, but how else could I squeeze every aspect of yumminess into the name? I suppose I could call them C.M.R. Muffins, but nobody would know what the heck those are supposed to be, so they would either a) click the recipe to read more because they are intrigued, b) back away slowly and never return, c) run around screaming. Okay, maybe that last one was a little far fetched but you get my point. Mysterious and slightly foreboding title? Not the best way to attract people.

Now that I have discussed the name, on to the muffins themselves. Hmmm. Just thinking about them makes me want one. Coconutty with plump little raisins, and filled with nutrients from the maca powder, buckwheat flour, oatmeal, and coconut oil. Plus, there's none of that yucky oils and refined sugar and flour nonsense in muffins that you can buy in the store. These are a perfect way to start the day, or are great as a snack. I would even eat them for dessert! With a little nut butter slapped on top? Oh yeah. Move over cupcakes! There's a new small cake thing in town!

 Coco-Maca Raisin Muffins.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mint Cacao Chip & Berry Nice Cream Jar

*skips in throwing flower petals in every direction* Ladida! Do I know why I'm in a good mood? NO! Does it matter? No! Am I excited to start school? NO! Do I like nice cream? YES! Yay nice cream! It's so fun to make different colored nana ice creams, and then layering them into jars, isn't it? Plus, it always makes it look so fanc-ay and pret-tay. Todays colors are . . . *drum roll* Green and Purple-y Pink-ish!!! What a lovely combination! I would like to say a few words about our friend Mint Cacao Chip Nice Cream over here before we (or rather, you) begin the making process. Ahem. S/he/it (?) tastes like CHILDHOOD! Seriously! Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, move over, there's a new nice cream in town! I was never really much of a berry ice cream person as a young 'un, so I can't say much about Berry Nice Cream, besides the fact that it is extremely scrumptious, and that I highly recommend giving it a go. Sorry 'bout that. ^-^  Yup. Oh yeah, would you call layering two different kinds of nice creams a parfait, or a jar? Or maybe something else? I didn't really know. I was going to call it a parfait initially, but don't parfaits usually have like, several different things in them (granola, berries, yogurt, stuff . . . )? So I ended up going with jar instead. Oh well. *shrugs* Whether it's a jar or if it's a parfait, this thing was yumyumyum. :0)

 Mint Cacao Chip & Berry Nice Cream Jar topped with cacao nibs. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Green Mango Overnight Oats Parfait

The other day, every fire alarm in the house went off! I was making nana ice cream for lunch, and all of a sudden *wwaaahhhh waaahhh wwwahhhhhh* "Evacuate! Evacuate! Evacuate the building immediately!" *wwaaahhhhh waahhh waaahhh* Over and over again, it was absolutely ear splitting, I thought I was going to become deaf my ears were ringing so much! My mom was at the store while this happened, so I called her and told her that everything was ringing! I hadn't been cooking anything hot, the stove wasn't on, and I ran around to the different rooms, but there was no fire!!! Eventually I was forced to wait outside, it was way too loud for me to stay in the house. When my mom came she tried to silence the alarm by pushing the buttons, but that didn't work, so we grabbed the step ladder and took out all the alarms. I was absolutely bewildered, what on earth had just happened? Then we looked at the alarms more closely, and found that they were carbon monoxide alarms as well. So I got my mom the little carbon monoxide tester thing-a-mabob, and we tested the air. The reading? 400 ppm! *gasp of horror* I looked online and apparently that was super high, so we went outside to think. Information sites online said to call the fire department if that happens, so that's what my mom did. The fire truck came (it was quite impressive), and two police men fire fighter guys came and the conversation my mom had with them went a bit like this:
Police Fire Fighter Guy: Hi there.
Mom: Hi. *explains what happened*
Police Fire Fighter Guy: I see you've opened all the windows.
Mom: Yes . . .
Police Fire Fighter Guy: We don't usually do that because we try to find the source of the problem.
Mom: Oh! I'm sorry.
Police Fire Fighter Guy: Oh it's okay, don't worry about it. So the ringing just stopped?
Mom: No we unplugged all the fire alarms.
Police Fire Fighter Guy: Yeah  . . . Never do that.
Mom: Oh . . .
*they all go inside*

Essentially what I'm trying to tell you is that we did everything wrong. -_-'  Oh well. The police fire fighter guys were nice about it, and they tested our house. No carbon monoxide! Apparently there was a malfunction in one of them, which set them all off. Very annoying. After hearing the ones in my house screeching for what felt like ages, I don't ever want to hear another alarm again . . . *alarm clock goes off*

Green Mango Overnight Oat Parfait topped with cacao nibs and mulberries.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Walnut Brownie Oatmeal Pancakes

*fancy announcer's voice* Welcome to The Chocolate Soup Show! I'm your host, Nanner P.B. Oatie, and joining us on the show here today is the lovely Mrs.Walnut Brownie Pancake Stack! Quite a long name you have there Ma'am, but anyways, welcome to the show! To get us started, I'd just like to ask you a few questions about your life as a stack of pancakes. If you don't mind of course?
Mrs. Walnut Brownie Pancake Stack: . . .
Nanner P.B. Oatie: I'm assuming that that's a green light then! So here's my first question: You are well known all over the foodie world for your extravagant style and toppings. How do you choose what you wear for the day? Is it depending on your mood, or what the weather is like outside? Or does it have something to do with your consumer? I see your wearing a gorgeous drippy peanut butter dress today, and I especially love the walnut hat! Really ties everything together.
Mrs. Walnut Brownie Pancake Stack: . . .
Nanner P.B. Oatie: Okay then, I guess we'll just move on to the next question! So, being a type of food, I'm sure you must hear about your relatives being eaten all the time. Does that affect you in any way?
Mrs. Walnut Brownie Pancake Stack: . . .
Nanner P.B. Oatie: Your're not going to answer any of my questions, are you?
Mrs. Walnut Brownie Pancake Stack: . . .
Nanner P.B. Oatie: Can you even talk?
Mrs. Walnut Brownie Pancake Stack: Of course I can talk you nut head! I just choose not to answer any of your irrelevant questions, which is to say, all of them!
Nanner P.B. Oatie: *looking very flustered* Well, that was rather unexpected. *turns to audience with a smile* That's about it for today's show folks! Tune in next week for our next guest! Bye!

Walnut Brownie Oatmeal Pancakes layered with kiwi, fresh figs, and Peanut Butter Date Spread, and topped with peanut butter drizzle, walnuts, and a fig. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oat Parfait

Oh peanut butter and chocolate, a classic combination, and one of my favorites. I seem to have a mild addiction to peanut butter (and when I say mild I mean somebody help me. Actually never mind, I'm happy sitting in the corner in a Gollum-like fashion clutching my peanut butter jar and crooning "Prrreeecciooouuss".), and seeing as how I am a die hard chocolate fan, combining the two makes magic.
Seriously, any more magical-ness and I'll be pooping out rainbows over here. To make it even better, I combined my two favorite foods, oatmeal and nana ice cream, to form a ginormous, amazing, rainbow-poop inducing parfait. Seriously people, it has peanut butter, chocolate, and it makes people excrete rainbows, how can you resist? To top it all off, it's super easy to prepare. All you have to do is make your peanut butter nana ice cream in the morning, layer it in a jar with the already finished overnight oats, and voila! It's stuff your face time.  :0)

Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oat Parfait with a layer of fresh figs (that dark stuff in the middle), and topped with Raw Walnut Brownie Bites. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Black Forest Baked Oatmeal

Today was, to put it frankly, poopy. I woke up early this morning because I was volunteering at a food pantry, so I got ready and started making my oatmeal. I was trying out a new recipe for baked oatmeal, and I was excited to eat it (as usual). While it baked in the oven, I went around and tidied up my dishes, set out toppings, etc. , all while anticipating the oatmeal coming out of the oven. When the timer reached 0 , I quickly opened the oven, expecting to see a ramekin full of breakfast goodness, and instead I was met by a oddly shaped lump of goo, with a large dent in the middle. *cue gasp of horror* I tried baking it for a few more minutes, to see if it would rise, cook, or anything, yet 'twas to no avail. It stayed exactly the same, and emitted a faint corn smell for some reason . . . I had to leave in less than 20 minutes, so I quickly disposed of the hot mess otherwise known as my would be breakfast , and looked around wildly for something else to eat, for I am not one to skip a meal, and I wouldn't be coming back until around lunch time. The thought about making regular stove top oatmeal occurred to me, but there was not enough time, and the clock was ticking. Nana ice cream wasn't an option either, for there were no ripe bananas, let alone any frozen ones. Finally, I was forced to settle for . . . toast. *cue screams of disbelief* I was mortified (not that I have anything against toast, I eat it for lunch sometimes but for breakfast I tend to lean towards the elaborate and fancy, so this was definitely not very satisfying.), I couldn't believe it. And to make it worse, after I had bolted down that sad breakfast of mine, I went straight to the food pantry. It was silent as I was sitting down with some others, about to start work. And when I mean silent, I mean you could hear a pin drop. Of course, my stomach made the loudest possible dying whale noise it could possibly have done in the situation. *cue groan of sympathy*

 So, obviously, this recipe is not from today, but is is very yummy, not to mention chocolaty. If you love chocolate and cherries (like me), then having this would most definitely make a bad day seem brighter.  ^-^

Black Forest Baked Oatmeal with a fresh fig, coconut butter, cherries, and chocolate chips.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Raw Walnut Brownie Bites

I got 4 words for ya. Raw. Walnut. Brownie. Bites. Also known as little bundles of happiness. I was originally going to call them Cacao Walnut Bliss Balls, but the moment I tasted them, I knew. These were not Bliss Balls (although I did stand for a moment in pure bliss), they were brownies. Raw brownies, but brownies none the less. Fudge-y, chocolaty, slightly nutty heaven. Unless, of course, you don't like chocolate. But these things are so good, you might just want to convert, at least for a moment. Sorry, I'm trying not to sound too inflated right now, but I can't help myself. :0P

Oh! I just had a thought. Brownie Chunk Nice Cream . . .  *passes out from pure awesomeness overload*

Raw Walnut Brownie Bites.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Peanut Butter Caramel Spread

Yes, you read the title right, a healthy caramel spread. But this caramel isn't made with the usual suspects, milk and sugar, it's actually made with . . .  wait for it . . . just a few more seconds to let the suspension build up . . .  almost . . . are you ready for it? . . . . . DATES!!! Dates have a wonderful caramel-y taste, and accompanied by peanut butter-y goodness, this spread is impossible to resist! Plus, it's so easy to whip up, just throw everything in a blender and your all set. And if you happen to be in a peanut butter crisis, meaning that you only have a tablespoon of two left and you don't feel like (or can't) go to the store, this is the perfect way to prolong your peanut butter sanity. I hope you enjoy! Oh, and don't be ashamed if you happen to "miss" a few spots in your blender while scooping this stuff out, I did it too. ;0)

Peanut Butter Caramel Spread.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Coconut Cookie Dough Bliss Balls

I've jumped onto the bliss ball bandwagon. I couldn't resist, but then again, who could? With all those pictures of little balls of amazing looking deliciousness spamming my face on Instagram, I didn't stand a chance. I know that bliss balls are usually made of nuts and dried fruits, however my main ingredient is good ol' oats, but don't worry, these babies still taste heavenly.

Trust me, I did a lot of "professional and completely necessary" taste testing. And then of course, I dug my finger around the bowl of my food processor for any bits that got left behind but no one else needs to know that, okay?

Coconut Cookie Dough Bliss Balls.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Strawberry Maca (Protein) Nice Cream

Well, I have some more nice cream for you, I hope you don't mind? 

As I was making my usual nice cream the other day, and pondering what flavor I should use, it hit me that I had neglected to try one of the founding flavors, one of the originals, one of the most basic and well known variations of ice cream there is...strawberry!!! But I couldn't just make strawberry you see, I decided to throw in some maca as well, and why not add some more protein with tofu? So I waited as my little Nutribullet whirled away (happily back from the dead), evilly tapping my fingers together, with a very suspicious look on my face. I did this for absolutely no reason at all, and afterwards I felt a bit silly. But the nice cream made up for it, for it was like revisiting my childhood bowl of strawberry ice cream, minus all the sugar and gunk . . .*sigh*  Good times, goooood times .   *falls into a glazed eye stupor while reminiscing about past*  *random person clears throat* *jumps* Woah, what was I talking about again . . . nice cream, right. Do yourself a favor and make some. You might even get lost in thought like I did! :0D

Strawberry Maca Protein Nice Cream with coconut, mulberries, cacao nibs, and sliced almonds, accompanied by one of my many sock monkeys.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Basic Oatmeal Pancakes

Sorry for my absence, I've been busy the last couple o' days, and I haven't had time to sit down at my computer at all, let alone write a post. But I'm back now, so s'all good, right?

Anyhow, I'd just like to say that I HAVE FINALLY PERFECTED MY OATMEAL PANCAKE RECIPE!!!! *maniacal evil laugh while raising clawed hand slowly in the air* *chokes on own spittle and coughs* Ahem. Well, as I was saying, the pancake recipe? Definitely a success. Sometimes when I have tried making pancakes in the past, they left me feeling all greasy and slightly nauseated (ever get that feeling???), but these ones just made me feel bouncy and nicely full (not super stuffed and gross). Plus they are made out of oatmeal, so they are healthy as can be, yet they have a fluffy buttermilk pancake-esque texture. Yup, Pancake Sunday is definitely going to become a tradition now that I have the recipe down pat, so expect variations coming soon!!! ^-^

Basic Oatmeal Pancakes with layered with sliced banana, and topped with a healthy chocolate sauce, strawberries, mulberries, and cacao nibs.