Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Guest Post

Me: Okay, so this is a guest post by some friends of mine, and it's supposed to let you know a bit more about  your's truly. However it turned out to be more of a giant post praising me like I'm a king. Although I am super duper flattered, and appreciate it, I'd just like to say that no, I did not ask them to write this amazingly heartfelt like, essay about all my good qualities. ^-^ Peace out.

Hello Readers of Taylor’s Blog! We are some of Taylor’s friends. Our names our: Katy, Elodie, Emelie, and Athya. We’d like to give you an inside look at the writer of Chocolate Soup for the Soul. Taylor is a really awesome person, and we hope our little anecdotes display said awesomeness. Enjoy, and don’t forget to eat healthy :)

Emelie: Hey, I may have not known Taylor for very long (like only four days) but I can tell she is a great person! She is very fun and she has a really cool blog that I am totally jealous of because I could never do something like that. We have some similar interests and I hope to see if we have anymore. I am very happy to have Taylor as a friend, because she seems be like kind of a geek and geeks are the best kind of people. Geeks are so cool who wouldn't want to be one? I am really glad to have met Taylor and her friends and I hope to learn more about her.

The internet is not often a place where one makes friends. Only the year before, I had moved away. The next year, Taylor moved to where I had lived. I met Taylor through my friends on the internet. We began emailing, then video chatting. What was so wonderful about the experience was that Taylor was someone who you could connect with from anywhere.
If you’re on this blog, you obviously know Taylor’s love for healthy foods. I discovered her blog quickly.  The special thing about her is that she doesn't force her own food beliefs on others. Her recipes are delicious and she isn't afraid to write about her own stories or thoughts.
Outside of her blog, Taylor is funny-- forgive me. She is hilarious. She will discuss anything from Adventure Time to being a unicorn to our own personal problems and everything in between. Whenever I am frustrated, I can email her, and I’ll get a genuine response in return. She understands the give-and-take of friendship. She talks to us about her life-- about cross country, vacations where she can’t access healthy food-- and isn’t afraid to show different sides of herself.
Even if we never meet in person,

Katy: Taylor was twelve when I met her. However, being slightly oblivious, I didn't realize that she was a full year younger than the rest of us until almost a year afterwards. This is partially because Taylor is super-mature, but also because I’m kind of the “head in the clouds” type. Anyways. Taylor is, obviously, a health nut. But not in a weird, hippie-vegan sort of way. She is happy to share about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup, but not in an annoying know it all way. Taylor is a geek. She will happily discuss her favorite TV shows, such as Adventure Time and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Peppa Pig. She is willing to be patient, seeing as I am only on the second episode of Buffy and she has finished the series….even though I started watching a full month before her. She never gives spoilers. That is the epitome of what makes a good friend. Taylor is also a very good listener. She’s a talker too, but when you want to talk to someone about how much life sucks or whatever, you should go to Tay. She always has time for you, and she can somehow always empathize with your situation. If I could change a thing about Taylor I wouldn’t. Actually, I would. I would make her become obsessed with Dr Who. Like I am. Dr. Who completes a person. All of the girls writing here are what you would consider to be “geeky” and in most cases, “unpopular.” But we’re together. And no matter how lame we look in our Avengers shirts, our TARDIS dresses, and our Hogwarts necklaces… we have each other. Taylor has only made our group of friends even awesomer, and I love her for it. She’s one of my best friends. Love you Tay!!!!!

Elodie: Taylor is a really cool person who’s super nice and awesome. We get to do a lot of fun things together and it is really great. I’ve been so inspired by Taylor’s blog and it’s one of my favorites. Her nice cream and bliss balls are some of the best things ever, and while my family mocks me about my alternative cooking (that I only started after I read Tay’s blog), they always respect the bliss balls I make and the nice cream. Today they actually told me that I had to print out her recipe for bliss balls so that they could put it in our family cookbook and that is the highest honor my family can give. And I said sure, as long as she gets credit for it in the book.
Anway Taylor is also a really awesome person outside of her blog… shocking I know, she spends so much time making it awesome, and she still has time to do even more things. She is super awesome at running, and she wears the coolest things ever. How many people do you know who can pull of an Adventure Time dress? Or leggings with super cool things on them? That’s right not many! But Taylor is one of those people.
Also, she’s a great friend, she knows when to listen and when to talk. And when I start poking her a lot she doesn't yell at me. She’s also really great at making friends. One day, I stuck her on a video chat with a friend who moved away, (that friend is also writing a piece about Taylor here) and they started talking and they blended so well, so easily and since then they have gotten to know each other even better.
As well as blogging she also has this talent for finding the coolest things ever, whether it’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the above mentioned Adventure Time dress, she has a serious talent for knowing what’s cool. If you’re reading this blog, then I probably don’t have to tell you that Taylor has a gift with oatmeal, and all healthy foods in general, but I will say it anyway.
That’s all from me!

As you've read above, Taylor is a multi-talented, super cool person. She always listens, knows what’s cool, and runs an awesome blog. We’re all so lucky to know her, and you are so lucky to be reading her blog. We hope you enjoy Chocolate Soup for the Soul, and tell everyone about it!!! IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!

Me again: Well, that be's all folks. I hope you weren't over whelmed by this torrent of my supposed amazingness. Trust me though, I'm not that great. On another note, sorry for the lack of posts recently, I will definitely be posting more often now that I have gotten into "the flow" of school. Expect some recipes soon, and thank y'all for your patience! <3

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