Saturday, October 18, 2014

Minute Chocolate (Lava) Cake + Chocolate Pudd' + Parfait

Yeah, triple recipe, pretty bad-ass huh?

Per request from a special viewer (HIIIIIIIII!!!!!), I have created a HEALTHY  MICROWAVEABLE CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH THE OPTION TO INCLUDE LAVA (made of chocolate)!!!   

I don't think it gets much better then that.

And in comes pudd'! Which also happens to be quite protein-y because it is made out of tofu (you can't even tell).

And when they come together to make a parfait . . .

The world ends a bit.

In a good way of course.

Microwave Chocolate (Lava) Cake
-1/4 c oats ground into flour
-2 tbsp coconut sugar
-1/4 tsp baking powder
-2 tsp melted coconut oil
-1/4 c almond milk (or milk of choice)
-1 tbsp milled flax seed
-1 tbsp cacao/cocoa powder
-1/4 tsp vanilla extract
-1 tbsp chocolate chips of choice (optional, to make lava)

In a microwave safe ramekin or bowl, microwave the coconut oil until it is melted. Stir in the oat flour, coconut sugar, baking powder, almond milk, milled flax seed, cacao/cocoa powder, and vanilla, until a smooth batter has formed. If you want to make a lava cake, take your chocolate chips and press into the middle of the batter, Then cover them a bit using a spoon. Microwave the cake (in the ramekin) for 1 minute, or until the top is set and you can touch it without getting anything on your finger. Let cool, then enjoy.

Chocolate Pudd'
-1/2 container tofu (I used soft), ~heaping 1/2 c
-1 frozen banana
-2 soft, pitted dates (I used medjool)
-1-2 tsp maple syrup (or to taste, feel free to omit if it is already sweet enough)
-1 1/2 heaping tbsp cacao/cocoa powder
-~3 tbsp milk of choice (I used almond)

In a food processor, combine all your ingredients and process until completely smooth. If you're food processor is having trouble, add 1 tbsp more milk at a time. Once the everything has been blended, chill the pudding in the fridge/freezer for a couple of minutes before eating.

Double Chocolate Pudding Cake Parfait
-1 microwave chocolate cake
-1 chocolate pudd' thing (I can't think of the word to use *brain fart*)
-1-2 tbsp peanut butter
-1 tbsp cacao nibs/chocolate chips

Make both the microwave chocolate cake and the chocolate pudd'. Get a mason jar, and layer the cake, the pudding, and the peanut butter, then top everything off with cacao nibs or chocolate chips.